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Chopin & Liszt: Music for
the Piano

Sunday 9 June 2024

St Paul's Church, Clifton

Tickets: £16.35
Including Bristol Beacon booking fee

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Piano virtuoso and academic Douglas Stevens returns to the Clifton International Festival of Music with a varied programme featuring two of the great masters of music for the piano, Chopin and Liszt.


Frédéric Chopin's Waltz No. 4 in F and Waltz No. 15 in E are exquisite examples of his mastery of the form, showcasing Chopin's trademark elegance, grace, and emotional depth, with swirling melodies and intricate harmonies that transport listeners to a world of beauty. 


Franz Liszt's Au Lac de Wallenstadt paints a vivid musical picture of Lake Walenstadt in Switzerland. With its shimmering arpeggios, cascading runs, and evocative harmonies, Liszt transports us to the serene beauty of the lake, capturing the tranquillity and majesty of nature.


Darius Milhaud's L'enfant aime is a charming musical work that captures the innocence and wonder of childhood. Composed in the 20th century, it features whimsical melodies, playful rhythms, evoking a sense of joy and delight.


Douglas Stevens completes the programme with the UK premiere performance of Christopher Walker’s Piano Sonata.

Douglas Stevens Piano


Frédéric Chopin Waltz no. 4 in F; Waltz no. 15 in E

Darius Milhaud L’enfant aime

Franz Liszt Au Lac de Wallenstadt

Christopher Walker Piano Sonata

(UK Premiere)

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